Story & Philosophy

Over 20 years ago, we began our journey as designers creating serene environments for our clients.

APTIVA's mission is simple; we advocate for people to find balance by introducing different forms of wellness to our everyday lives.

Our product selection emphasises on self-care and incorporating me-time into your daily routine to gradually and ritually allow your mind and body to rest and rejuvenate.


We are blessed with a deeply rooted heritage pertaining to finding life between harmony and balance.

As we continuously explore the wisdom of different cultures, join us on this journey by subscribing to our Journal or follow us on Facebook and Instagram -
and join in on the conversation.


To pay homage to Hong Kong's unique, diversified culture, we put emphasis on sourcing globally, with a cross-culture, without-borders mentality - to bring the best of nature to you.


We emphasize being as natural as possible, sourcing products and ingredients that are certified natural or organic in their respective countries, and ensuring no harm to animals while manufacturing or testing products.

Although it is not always feasible, where possible, priority is given to product packaging that is also either made from recycled material or recyclable.

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