BETTER ME Experiential Essential Oil Set - APTIVA
BETTER ME Experiential Essential Oil Set - APTIVA
BETTER ME Experiential Essential Oil Set - APTIVA
BETTER ME Experiential Essential Oil Set - APTIVA

BETTER ME Experiential Essential Oil Set

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In today’s busy world, we quickly lose focus on the things that are important to us, and sometimes we forget how to maintain a positive well-being, making it difficult to indeed be ourselves.

BETTER ME is inspired by the PERMA+ Model by the American psychologist and educator, Mr. Martin Seligman, to represent the five core elements of happiness and well-being.

5mL x 4nos | Made in Hong Kong

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MORNING - Positivity

Start a new day with a drop of UPLIFTING between your palms and inhale deeply.

AFTERNOON - Mindful Engagements

Connect and engage in the present. Add 1-2 drops of the musky-grounding bergamot to the mask diffuser and enjoy your day.

EVENING - Relationships

Interaction is a necessity for healthy well-being. Take the time for friends and loved ones. Ylang-ylang’s sweety-floral sensual and inviting aroma can be used alone diluted as a daily perfume or for diffusing.

QUIET TIME - Meaning

Good things come when least expected and can be hindered by negative experiences. Place 2-3 drops of cedarwood on the back of your neck and inhale to assist release negativity. Taking the time to feel and understand what you are feeling is essential.

ME TIME - Reflection

Self-esteem and confidence are vital. Tell yourself “good job” after accomplishing something, even if it is mundane. Rub diluted ylang-ylang clockwise over the stomach in a circular motion to assist bring feelings of self-love and peace.

1.UPLIFTING Essential Oil Blend 5mL; Ingredients - Grapefruit (Citrus paradise) Oil, South Africa; Lemon (Citrus limon) Oil, Italy; Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Oil, India; Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Oil, Italy; Juniper berry (Juniperus Communis) Oil, Hungary

2. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) Oil, Italy - 5mL

3. Atlas cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) Wood Oil, Morocco - 5mL

4. Ylang-ylang Extra (Cananga odorata) Oil, Madagascar - 5mL

5. Magnetic face mask diffuser

Non-toxic and non-irritant when diluted. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, nursing or suffering from a medical condition, consult your physician. Best store under 25°C in a shaded place. This is not a medicinal remedy. All information is for reference only.

Shelf life and expiry: Refer to individual oils (Use within 1 year upon opening)

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