Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - APTIVA
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - APTIVA
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - APTIVA

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


Roman chamomile is nature’s sleep balm.

  • 5mL
  • Anthemis nobilis
  • Made in the UK
  • Middle note
  • A comforting, warm, sweet and fruity aroma
  • Steam distilled from the flowering plant
  • Strong aromatic strength
PROPERTIES: calming, anti-inflammatory
GREAT FOR: bedtime, skincare, perfumery
BLENDS WELL WITH: mandarin, ylang-ylang, lavender
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    • Fights anxiety and depression
    • Serves as a natural allergy reliever
    • Helps alleviate PMS symptoms
    • Reduce symptoms of insomnia
    • Improves rashes and eczema
    • Eases tire muscles and aching joints.
    • An aromatherapy favourite, as the powerful sweet scent calms and soothes a racing mind.
    • Known for its peaceful aroma.

    Diffusion: Add 3-4 drops to a diffuser or essential oil burner.
    Dilution ratio: 1-4% (6-24 drops per 20mL) in a base oil.


    Massage: Add 2 drops to 1 tsp sweet almond oil and apply to hands and wrists to calm the nerves.
    Bathe:Add 2 drops to some base oil and soak for 10 minutes to prepare for sleep. Boost with rose.
    Compress: Add 2 drops to warm water. Soak in face washer and apply to the lower abdomen to ease painful periods. Boost with clary sage.


    Lotion: Add 2 drops to 1 tbsp unscented lotion to treat dry eczema. Boost with Myrrh.
    Floral water: Add 6 drops to a spray bottle with filtered water to hydrate sensitive skin. Shake well before misting. Avoid the eye area.


    Wear a few drops on pulse points to exude sensuality or apply to the heart of scars, stretch marks and broken capillaries.


    It's delicate sweetness set along side ylang-ylang's exotic richness is deeply relaxing. Combine 2 drops each of Roman chamomile, lavender, tangerine and mandarin plus 1 drop of ylang-ylang.


    Diffuse 2 drops of Roman chamomile and 4 drops of helichrysum when suffering from sleep deprivation.

    Non-toxic, non-irritant when diluted. As the milder of the chamomiles, Roman chamomile is suitable for use with babies, the elderly, or anyone with a weak constitution.

    For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Best store under 25°C in a shaded place. All information is for reference only. This is not a medicinal remedy.

    Shelf life : 2-3 years


    Pure botanical source - Ingredients GC-MS third party tested for quality and purity - Not tested on animals



    This isn't an oil my family uses often but it is very soothing and helpful when someone isn't feeling well.

    Angie Pang

    Wonderful strong scent and quality. Delivery was unbelievably fast! Thank you for such high quality products. 🌻

    Leslie W.

    It is expensive, but it's a precious oil that we've used in a number of therapeutic blends. Good scent, just like the tea!


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