Black Luxury Exfoliating Spa Mitt - APTIVA
Black Luxury Exfoliating Spa Mitt - APTIVA
Black Luxury Exfoliating Spa Mitt - APTIVA


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本品是尊貴黑色優雅系列產品之一,讓浴室來一次優雅的轉身。採用75% 聚酯纖維和25% 的聚乙烯製成,這款手套可機洗,去角質效果極佳。



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  • Removes impurities and cleans pores
  • Smoother, softer, brighter skin tone
  • Promotes a healthy skin cell turnover
  • Naturally stimulates the circulatory system
  • Helps to flush skin tissue with essential nutrients

1. Wet the mitt and use in the bath or shower with or without your favourite cleansing product.
2. Massage in circular motions towards the heart using the desired pressure.
3. Finish by rinsing off the skin with warm water.
4. NOT suitable for use on the face and babies’ skin.

Do not use on sensitive areas or broken skin.

Brand: Hydréa London

Measurements: L23cm x W13cm x D0.8cm

Weight: 24gr

Materials: 74% Polyester, 25% Polythylene, 1% Elastane

After use, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and leave to dry naturally. Thanks to the Mitt being lightweight it dries out quickly. Machine washable at 50°.