Essential oils are natural healers. Combined with a healthier diet, exercise and taking time out for ourselves, they can enhance our quality of life and assist with easing symptoms associated with stress, sleep deprivation and depression.

Persistent stress undermines our health and impacts our performance in all areas of our life.

It saps our vital energy and damages cells, weakening our immune system. Stress increases our heart rate and breathing and disrupts our hormones and sleep patterns. Whether we are worried about work, relationships or financial security, the body will protect itself from perceived danger by releasing adrenaline and cortisol. It throws us into a constant state of fight, flight or freeze. And once we ignite the stress response, it is almost impossible to switch it off.

Although a certain level of stress keeps us buoyant, productive and ready to meet life's challenges, if left unchecked, it can lead to panic attacks, lack of motivation, self-criticism and much more. In our fast-paced world, essential oils help us handle our response to such triggers and cope gently with daily stress.

Research suggests that an aromatic particle, once inhaled, triggers an immediate response in the brain that can influence behaviours and our overall state of mind self-care with pure essential oils can be a helpful start to releasing tension and combating the effects of stress. Unlike over-the-counter medicine, which may be habit-forming and may impact performance and focus, botanicals work gently and without side effects (when used as directed). They work in harmony with our body's rhythm to promote calm and help regulate our adrenaline.